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Franchises & Sales Agencies :


Xitranet© EN (English Language) Franchises & Sales Agencies

Unique Franchising Concept  

Xitranet's© Franchise & Sales Agency business is organized around these core concepts :

    1. That at least 60% of the world's businesses don't have a website at all.
    2. That 90% of all existing websites are non-mobile enabled & therefor worthless to their owners.
    3. That global internet sales are doubling every 12 months.
    4. That the market for websites is 'Global'.
    5. That no matter what the country, business 'Types' & 'Needs' tend to be the same.
    6. That delivering & supporting a product in a 'Country's Native Language' broadens it's appeal.

First In The Marketplace 

Like many highly successful new business sectors that have emerged in the recent years (Photocopiers, computers, mobile phones etc) being "first" in the marketplace with a winning product is what matters. We have a well engineered product & we are first in the marketplace. If you are a goal orientated sales person you'll know exactly how important that is.

We're ready, so if you are looking for a low cost & unique business opportunity that literally has unlimited growth potential, then be first in this new business sector with an Xitranet© Franchise.


Organization By Language Group

Xitranet© Language Groups :

The market for Xitranet's© product is global, vast & multilingual. In order to "deliver & support" our product range in a selection of "Native Languages", Xitranet© utilizes global "Language Groups" to organize its Franchising & Sales Agent activity. Each "Language Group" includes within its scope all countries where that "Language" is either the "Native" or a "Majority" language".

Xitranet's Active "Language Groups" List :

"English Language" Country List (Major Countries) :


"French Language" Country List (Major Countries) :


"German Language" Country List (Major Countries) :


"Arabic Language" Country List (Major Countries) :


"Greek Language" Country List (Major Countries) :


"Indonesian Language" Country List (Major Countries) :


"Italian Language" Country List (Major Countries) :


"Japanese Language" Country List (Major Countries) :


"Korean Language" Country List (Major Countries) :


"Russian Language" Country List (Major Countries) :


"Spanish Language" Country List (Major Countries) :


"Chinese Language" Country List (Major Countries) :


"Hindi Language" Country List (Major Countries) :


"Portuguese Language" Country List (Major Countries) :


Xitranet© 'Country' Franchise Features :

  1. Sales Not Production : Franchisees are not involved with the Supa-Site© production process. All Supa-Site© production & installation is undertaken by the 'Language Group Franchisee' on behalf of the 'Country Franchisee'. A 'Country' Franchisee's job is to support their existing 'Town / City' Franchisees & grow their business through on-going Franchising.
  2. Product Cost Dependent On Sales Volume : 'Country' Franchisee's wholesale product pricing is by negotiable with that 'Country' Franchisees parent 'Language Group Franchisee' with the wholesale price based upon that 'County's' Franchisees achieved sales volume.
  3. Pay On 'End Of Month + 14 Day Account' : Franchisees can pay for their Supa-Site© purchases with EOM + 14 Day accounts.
  4. Receive A Percentage Of All Sales Revenue generated by 'Town / City' Franchisees within there Their 'Country' .
  5. On-line Training in the operation of Xitranets© proprietory software & sales system.
  6. Can Sell Their Franchise : Xitranet© Franchises can be sold TPA (Fees Apply).

Xitranet© 'Local Town / City' Franchise Features :

  1. Designed For 'Local Publishers' : Xitranet 'Local Town / City' Franchises' are ideal for existing print media publishers looking for a cost effective & immediate way to expand their business onto the web by leverage their existing Customer base & news gathering expertise to produce a mutually beneficial, cross-promotional media environment.
  2. Set Sales Prices : Franchisees set their own 'Retail Prices' for Supa-Site© sales & 'Local News & Information Website' Advertiser subscriptions.
  3. Editorial Control : Franchisees have Editorial Control over all their 'Local Area News & Information Websites' content.
  4. Advertising Content Creation : Utilize exisiting Creative Staff to produce 'Local Area News & Information Website' Content.
  5. Sub-Contracting Of 'Creative Content' : If required, the Franchisee can out-source Creative content production (Banner Advert Make-up, Website Content etc.) via Xitranets© on-line 'ArtMart' service.
  6. Cross Promote : Promote printed news content on the 'Local News & Information Website & vis versa.
  7. Cross Promotional Advertising Packages : Develope cross promotional 'Print & Internet' advertising packages.
  8. Installation & Maintainance : Xitranet installs & maintains the Franchisees Websites.

Xitranet© 'Town / CityFranchises Format :

Each Xitranet© 'Local Franchise' is set-up by Xitranet© For The 'Franchisee' & features :

  1. A 'Local Area News & Information Website' featuring that Franchisees own retail Supa-Site© 'Product Pricing", their own 'Special Offers', 'Advertiser' Subscription system & includes an a fully integrated 'Local Area' Information system featuring five main 'Sections'  - 'News', 'Shopping', 'Service Guides' & 'For Sale Classifieds' & 'Local Events' - With each 'Section' featuring a selection of information specific 'Categories', where 'Members' & 'Advertisers' can promote their businesses.
  1. A 'Local Area Advert Server Website' which is designed to Serve 'Display Adverts' (Google© style) into both the Franchisees own 'Local Area News & Information Website' & participating local area 'Client Sites' (Supa-Sites & any other participating 'Enabled' local area website). 'Display Adverts' can come from local advertisers &/or 3rd party advertisers.

After you have choose your 'Franchise Type' (Language, Country, Town / City)  and you have defined your proposed Franchise Zone through a series of on-line forms you will be provided with access to a special 'Downloads' area of this website where you can download :

Xitranet© Sales Agencies | Two (2) Types :

'Passive Sales Agencies' !

Passive Sales Agencies are designed for individuals & businesses who want to offer 'Website Creation' services to their Clients. Xitranet® 'Passive Sales Agents' are ideal for :

  1. Graphic Designers.
  2. Advertising Agencies.
  3. Marketing Companies.
  4. Public Relations Companies.
  5. Computer Service Organizations.
  6. Web Hosting Companys
  7. Lawyers & Accountants.

Xitranet© 'Passive Sales Agencies' allow Agents the opportunity to offer their Clients advanced, interactive, mobile enabled, feature rich, reliable websites at a fraction of the cost off creating a 'One Off' website ! "Passive Sales Agencies' are :

  1. Are FREE - TPA *.
  2. Receive a discount on Supa-Site© purchases.
  3. Receive priority Supa-Site© creation (Typical turn-around = 36hr) & 'Help Desk' service.
  4. Are not committed to any quantity purchase.
  5. Can purchase Supa-Sites© on-line 24/7 using Credit Card through PayPal.

'Active' Sales Agencies :

An 'Active Sales Agency' is for self motivated individuals with a passion for information age technology or businesses that :

  1. Wish to actively sell Xitranet© Supa-Sites© to new Clients within their 'Sales Agency Zone'
  2. Wish to actively sell Xitranet© 'Creative' & 'Advertising' services & products to new & existing Clients within their 'Sales Agency Zone'.

This type of 'Sales Agency' is for either :

  1. A Professional Sale Person who wishes to build a business vending information age products & services.
  2. A Management Level Person who wishes to build a business vending information age products & services.

Special features of an 'Active Sales Agency' :

  1. Product Cost Dependent On Sales Volume : 'Active sales Agent' wholesale product pricing is by negotiatable with that 'Active sales Agents' parent 'Town / City' Franchisee' with the wholesale price based upon that 'Active Sales Agents' achieved sales volume.
  2. Sales Agent Website with unique Sales Agent URL (Eg : boston.usa.xitranet.com), two-way linked to their parent 'Town / City' Franchisees 'Local Area Information Website' for sales lead referral & Client liason.
  3. Sales Agent Email Address (Eg : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); text-decoration: none;">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  4. Sales lead referrals.
  5. On-line Training in the operation of Xitranets© proprietory software & sales system.
  6. Sliding scale discounts on Supa-Site© purchases based on achieved Supa-Site© sales volumes.
  7. Sales commissions on the sale of Xitranet© 'Creative' & 'Advertising' Services.
  8. Receive 'Promotional' Supa-Sites© : Franchisees receive a quota of free Supa-Sites© to be used in sales promotions as give-aways. That quota is based upon that 'Sales Agents' achieved sales volumes.
  9. Priority Supa-Site© Setup.
  10. OEM Account (Credit limit by agreement TPA) with PayPal© payment facility (No transaction fees).
  11. 'Active Sales Agencies' are granted at the discretion of Xitranet© based upon agreed sales volumes.
  12. 'Active Sales Agencies' can be 'Upgrade' to full 'Franchise' status (Subject to Zone availability).

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Ready To Go ? Then Take that first step !

An Enquiry Fee Applies !  We charge a token 'Enquiry Fee' (US$5.00) per enquiry. This fee can be paid on-line via PayPal©. Naturally, this fee is fully deductible from any future fees charges (If any).


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