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Welcome to Xitranet's©  'English Language (EN)' Customer Support Website :

This website is exclusively for the use of Supa-Site© Owners who have a 'Current' 'Help Desk' Subscription, and for 'English Language' Franchisees & Sales Agents.

For Supa-Site© 'Types' & 'Pricing' Please Click the 'Supa-Site© All Types' Button (On Click you will be automatically re-directed to an Xitranet© Supa-Site© information & sales website), Thank you.

For Supa-Site© Owners :

Supa-Site© Owners : This Support Website Features :

► Owner Supa-Site© Specification (& Build Status).

► General Tutorial Information.

► Article Editor Function Descriptions.

► Special, Core & Integrated Application Information & Setup Guides.

► Downloads (PC Applications, Sample Data etc).

► Access To 'Help Desk Support Ticket' Service.

► Updates, Bug Fixes & Security Information.

Supa-Site© Owners : For 'Help Desk' support & access to your Supa-Site© 'Type' 'Homepage', please access the 'en.xitranet.com' 'Login' screen from the 'Backend' of your Supa-Site© via the 'Supa-Site© Links' option on your 'Admin Menu Bar'. When you 'Login' to 'en.xitranet.com' use your 'Supa-Site's© Entity Username & Password'.

Supa-Site© Owners : Do Not Attempt To Login Using Your 'Xitranet© Vender Website Access Username & Password', access will be denied.

For Xitranet© Franchisees & Sales Agents :

Franchisees & Sales Agents : This Website Features :

► Supa-Site© Client Build Status Information.

► Accounts & Billing.

► Product Information Updates.

► Sales Aid Downloads.

Xitranet© Franchisees & Sales Agents : To 'Login' to 'en.xitranet.com' please Click the 'Link' contained within your 'Franchisee / Sales Agent Welcome Email', or 'Login' via the 'Supa-Site© Links' option on your 'Admin Menu Bar'. When you 'Login' to 'en.xitranet.com' use your 'Vendor' Username & Password.